Rochdale Harriers and A.C.

Fell Race Championship

5th May 2021

Run the Moors Fell Grand Prix 2021
Best 4 from 7 to count.  Races subject to change if cancelled.
Pre-entry recommended where possible as races will fill quickly.

Club Championship will mirror the Run the Moors event.

Event # Date Race and link Comments

Category, Distance/ascent

1 Saturday, 29th May The Cake Race BM, 16km/518m
2 Wednesday, 30th June Eddie’s Revenge AS, 6.1km/323m
3 Saturday, 24th July Turnslack BM, 12.9km/610m
4 August (TBC) Bull Hill BM, 11km/319m
5 Saturday, 28th August Chipping Show BM, 12.1km/549m
6 Saturday 11th September Groovy Kinder Love AL, 23km/1,200m
7 Sunday, 26th September Waddington BM, 10.62km/324m

First reserve race: Piethorne (BS, 10Km/275m)

Presentation: mid-November in Radcliffe

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