Rochdale Harriers and A.C.

Rochdale Harriers parkrun Championship

27th January 2020

Between 7th March and 19th September 2020, there will be a club championship, based around participation in parkrun. You don’t have to be the fastest, it’s about participation and challenging yourself.

You must be a current member of the club and have “Rochdale Harriers & AC” set as your club on your parkrun profile. The consolidated club report will be used to see who has run and where. Thank you to Matt Jones, for devising the scoring system and agreeing to maintain a league table.

Points will be gained as follows:

For running a parkrun within 15 miles – 1 point.

For running a parkrun between 15 and 25 miles away, or at Watergorve – 2 points.

For running a parkrun between 25 and 40 miles away – 3 points.

For running a parkrun over 40 miles away – 4 points.

For running an international parkrun – 5 points.

* All distances will be measured from Rochdale Town Hall and Wales and Scotland do not count as international.

For volunteering and not running – 3 points.

For tail walking or being a guide for a visually impaired runner – 2 points.

For volunteering and running – 1 point.

* Only one volunteer role per weekend counts.

For first time at an event – 1 point.

For a course PB – 1 point.

For a course PB of more than a minute – 3 points.

Taking part in a Rochdale Harriers parkrun tour event – 2 points.

Volunteer at Watergrove before the Facebook appeal / email goes out – 2 points.

For your first ever parkrun – 10 points.

For your 50 milestone / junior 10 milestone – 1 point.

For your 100 milestone / 25 volunteer milestone – 2 points.

For your 250 milestone – 5 points.

For your 500 milestone – 10 points.

Whilst the championship is ongoing positions where points are tied will be determined alphabetically. For the final table tied positions will be determined by the number of volunteers minus number of parkruns. If points are still tied the number of times volunteered, most to fewest, will be used.

There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd, regardless of gender or age category.




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