Rochdale Harriers and A.C.

Juniors at Sportshall 2017-18

2nd April 2018

Team Harriers at Sportshall 2017-18

Congratulations to all Rochdale Harriers Juniors who took part in Sports Hall 2017-2018.

We had a great turn out, taking home 11 medals.

rochdale harriers juniors at sportshall 2017-18

Rochdale Harriers Juniors at Sportshall 2017-18


U11’s Girls

Niamh Dolan taking home a bronze medal  after getting through to the finals.


U13’s Boys

Adam Fern, 1 gold 6 lap, 1 silver VJ, 1 bronze STJ.

James Trainor, 1 Bronze  VJ


U15’s Boys

Kieran Carrigan, 2 Bronze medals for SB and STJ


U15’s Girls

Dervla Moore 2 silver medals for SB / 2 laps and one Gold for SLJ

Roseangela Terrim 1 Silver medal for 4 laps


Well done to everyone who took part you were all amazing and great team players.

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